Our People

Oasis would not exist without the tireless dedication of a small but tremendously talented staff, a smart, savvy and committed board, and an incredible group of volunteers.


“At Oasis, I am able to provide truly patient centered care. I love being able to meet patients where they are and tailor care to their personal needs.”  – Michelle Barber, FNP, Lead Clinician




Meet our Staff

Michelle Barber, FNP, Lead Clinician

“At Oasis, I am able to provide truly patient centered care. I love being able to meet patients where they are and tailor care to their personal needs.”

Valerie Bisson, Per Diem Dental Assistant

Valerie has worked at the Oasis Dental Clinic for many years, providing chairside assistance to our volunteer dentists.  Valerie is often in the clinic on Tuesday evenings and Friday mornings.

Kim Dodge, Community Prescription Assistance Coordinator

“I work at Oasis because I love being part of a team whose goal it is to help those that are currently in need – helping people who are often in a transitional time and hopefully helping them to the next step. It is rewarding to see the progression of someone who just needed a helping hand to improve their situation.”

Florence Edwards, DDS, Dentist

“I work at Oasis to make sure I’m doing my part to rise the tide so that all boats are lifted.”


Rick Elsaesser, DDS, Volunteer Dental Doctor

“After a career in dentistry in our community, I have the found the Oasis Dental clinic a perfect format to try to give back. There I have found an environment where compassionate care is delivered without question to our neighbors. Oasis has helped me grow into a more empathetic person.”


Alyne Heslin, Dental Assistant

“I have always enjoyed working with a diverse population and helping people in need of dental care. Working at Oasis gives me that opportunity to assist those in need.”

Dr. David Inger, MD, Volunteer Medical Doctor

Dr. Inger is a family medicine physician at Martin’s Point in Brunswick.  He received his BA from Claremont McKenna College, his MD from Brown University, trained at Seattle University of Washington in Family Medicine, and has been practicing in Maine since 2002.  He is married and has three kids who all enjoy hiking and skiing.


Anita Ruff, Executive Director

“Growing up, my family didn’t have health or dental insurance. That was true for a lot of people in my community, and I saw friends and family struggle with decisions about work, health and money constantly. At Oasis, we take away some of that stress so our patients can focus on their health.”

Lisa Sprague, Dental Hygienist

“I was intrigued to work at Oasis because I feel we share the same vision and philosophy, which is to put the needs and interest of our patients first, be sensitive to their needs, and provide them with the best quality care possible. I fully enjoy personalizing patients’ treatment in an effort to educate and motivate them to be successful in achieving and maintaining optimal dental health. Oasis creates an environment for all of us to be able to accomplish these goals.”

Meet our Board

Matt Kanwit, Esq.

“All humans deserve quality healthcare provided with dignity. Oasis allows me to better my community by striving towards this goal and it is an honor to work for an organization that has done so much for our community for so long.”

Meg Hart, Bowdoin College

“For me, Maine is home. I consider it a privilege to live here, and I feel a personal responsibility to the people of Maine. Doing meaningful work, making a difference in the lives of Maine people, and helping to make this a great place to live is what matters to me and why I serve Oasis.”


Peter F. McGuire, MD

Peter is one of the founders of Oasis. From 1995 – 2012, he served as the Medical Director and served on Oasis’ Board of Directors until 2019. He enjoys bicycle touring around the world, studying at Senior College, vegetable gardening and visiting with grandchildren.

Richard Corbin, MD

Dr. Corbin brings extensive clinical, educational, administrative, and research experience to Oasis. He is a Fellow of the American College of Physicians whose clinical experience was in Critical Care and Pulmonary Medicine.  Dr. Corbin has supported and campaigned for universal access to healthcare for decades. In his spare time, he enjoys traveling and playing bridge.


Steve Loebs, PhD, Bowdoin College

Steve was a Professor and Chair of Department of Health Care Policy and Management at The Ohio State University for 32 years. He was the Associate Dean of College of Public Health from 1998-2004, when he retired. He was the Chair of Ohio Commission to Develop State Wide Insurance Plan for School Employees in Ohio from 2005-2011.
Steve was also the Founder and Chair of Group Practice Health Maintenance Organization in Columbus, Ohio. Steve was a Distinguished Lecturer at Bowdoin College, teaching the first year seminar on Health Care Disparities in the U.S. Steve enjoys wood turning, tennis, sailing, and his four grandchildren.


John Lacasse, ScD

“Oasis serves some of Maine’s most vulnerable citizens. I’m thankful to have the opportunity to support that vital mission.”


Casey Mangum, CPA

“I feel fortunate to have grown up in the Midcoast region and believe that the health and wellness of all members of our community, regardless of circumstance, is critical to our shared future.”.

Brett Jensen, One River CPAs

“I chose to serve Oasis because I realize our healthcare system is not meeting the needs of our communities, and that all people deserve to benefit from a healthcare system that works for them. I know Oasis is improving peoples’ lives and bettering our communities.”

Shannon Banks, MaineHealth Accountable Care Organization

“I am interested in serving at Oasis because I want our community to be strong, vibrant and healthy. I believe access to basic health care is a human right and that our current system of care in the U.S. doesn’t ensure that all of us have that access to care—so Oasis is filling an important gap. I’ve been lucky enough to have health insurance, but family and friends have not always had that good fortune.”

Walter Higgins, DMD, Dentist

“As a dentist who has practiced dentistry over 50 years and volunteered in a few charitable dental clinics, I know the dilemma of those without dental insurance or other resources to obtain dental care. Being able to treat a person’s needs, relieve chronic pain, and improve a smile to restore comfort and confidence has always been a very rewarding and satisfying experience for me.”

Kristen Kellner, Camden National Bank

“In 2010, Oasis gave me a purpose by allowing me to volunteer my services as an HR staff development specialist. I was on a leave from my job due to my primary focus of undergoing cancer treatment. The longer I volunteered, the more I appreciated my healthcare coverage and my employer’s benefits package. This perspective allowed me to realize the vital role Oasis Free Clinics fills for those in need of our services. I’m proud to serve on our board.”

Randee Reynolds, Mid Coast - Parkview Health

“It is my privilege to serve on the Board of the Oasis Free Clinics to support the medical and dental needs of individuals who have no insurance. I also want to support all of the Oasis Free Clinics medical and dental providers who donate their time and expertise to these individuals who are in dire need for these services. Without these dedicated providers and our donors, we would not have such a safety net in our community.”

Heather Rankin, Bowdoin College

“I’ve come to believe that just about anyone, at any time, could find they need care that they cannot access or afford. Oasis Free Clinics answers this need for our community. It has enriched my life to be a part of this vibrant organization, and I’m incredibly grateful for its existence.”


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