Our Donors

We are grateful for the hundreds of individuals, businesses, religious organizations, local governments, and foundations who invest in the work that we do. Thank you for trusting us with your financial resources so that we can be here to help our neighbors when they need us.

“As small business owners in Brunswick for over thirty years, we recognize the importance of non-profits in our community and the vital role they play in helping folks who need a hand. Years ago we decided to support our neighbors in need through donating to local charities. All small businesses benefit when we have a strong support system in place and we are happy to contribute to Oasis Free Clinics every year.”

– Susan and Mark Wild, Owners, G.M. Wild Construction, Inc.



Atlantic Federal Credit Union
Bath Savings Institution
Bill Dodge Auto Group
Brackett Funeral Home
Crooker Construction
Dead River Company
Finest Kind Electronics
Frohmiller Construction
Gagne Concrete Products
GM Wild Construction
Harpswell Advisors
HM Payson
Just Framing
Maine Pines Racquet and Fitness
Mangum & Associates
Mechanics Savings Bank
Morning Glory Natural Foods
MW Sewall
Northeast Bank
Norway Savings Bank
Now You’re Cooking
Occupational Health Associates of Maine
Priority Real Estate Group
Riley Insurance Agency
Robbins Construction
Spann Real Estate, Inc. REMAX Riverside
Wilbur’s of Maine
Wild Oats Bakery

Healthcare and Dental Organizations

BlueWater Emergency Partners
Casco Bay Dental
Martin’s Point Health Care
Mid Coast Hospital Medical Staff
Mid Coast-Parkview Health


Valerie Ricker and John Cunningham Kurt Gress Julie Nisbet
Zander and Abigail Abbott Patricia Gribben Elizabeth Niven
Claudia Adams Peter and Harriette Griffin P. Andrews and Brooke Nixon
Karl and Barbara Albrecht Maria and Chris Grill Allen and Margaret Northup
Paul Aliapoulios James Crary and Pamela Gross Helen Norton
Cheer Allan Catharine Guiles Carol O’Donnell
Robert and Patricia Allen Christian Haaland Michael and Anne Olivo
Dr. Andrew and Mary Allen William and Sally Haggett Annie and Skip O’Rourke
Becky and Peter Alter Joan Hale Connie Ortolani
Ed Anaka Linda and Chris Hall Dr. James Oshetski
Dr. Nancy Hasenfus and Robert Anderson Johnson Fenwick and Amy Hankla Dr. Lynn Ouellette
Eric Anderson Surrey Hardcastle David and Barbara Page
Bunny Andrews Katherine Harding Carl and Dianne Paine
Daniel Ankeles Lee Hargadon Louise Paquette
Edward Resnisky Michael Tetreault and Neera Harmon Dr. Irvin and Cynthia Paradis
Jonathan and Ruth Appleyard Edward and Jane Harris Herbert and Harriet Paris
Dr. Nathaniel Hyde and Polly Arnoff Frederick and Margaret Harris John and Karen Parker
Drs. Robert and Francis Barchi Kevin Hart Steve Eagles and Cindy Parker
Greg and Donna Barmore James and Ruth Harvie John and Geraldean Paterson
Frederick Bartlett Ann Haslett John Patrick
Susan Beegel Mary Beth Hassett Elizabeth Quinlan and Robert Patterson
Rachel Lowe and Michael Bigos Kathryn Stern and Catherine Hayes Sarah Patton
J. Maurice Bisson James and Gayle Hays Dr. Anthony and Christine Patton
Claude Bonang Robert Hayward Avanel Payne
James and Kathryn Bridge Robert and Marge Healing HM Payson
Andrea Sinclair and Stuart Brimlow Roger and Suzannah Heard James Peavey
Roger Brodeur Gale HeckRosenman Eleanor Peterson
Gerry and Anne Brookes Dr. William and Lynn Heinz Robert Wells Johnson, PhD
Carolyn Bulliner David and Joan Hemenway Miranda Phelps
Louise Burgess Diane and Ray Hender Tina Phillips
Meredith Strang Burgess Larry and Julie Hendrickson Jim Pierce
Charles and Carla Burnham Bernie Hershberger Russell and Anne Pierce
Kathleen GreerBurns and Scott Burns William and Heather Higbee Ann Pierson
Martha Burns Margaret and Dr. Walter Higgins Michael and Lynne Pinkham
Barbara Burr Kathryn Hirst Ellen Steinbart & Dan Possumato
Susan and Franklin Burroughs David Fluharty and Linda Hjortland Kathleen and Robert Potvin
Lisa and Thomas Burrows Lester and Sidney Hodgdon Barbara Howard and Nick Poulton
Stephen and Sarah Busch John and Theresa Hodge Lawrence and Carole Prendergast
Cynthia Bush Stephanie Holmes Paula Price
Samuel and Sally Butcher Edward and Anne Holt Carol Proctor
Stephen and Valerie Campbell Fred and Hadley Horch Gagne Concrete Products
Stephen and Kathleen Carey Dr. Steven Horowitz Dr. David Inger and Dr. Leora Rabin
Sandra and Emile Caron Dr. David and Rebecca Hotelling Curt Dale Clark and Mark Rabinowitz
Richard Caron Jim Howard Lawrence Rakovan
Rev. John Carson Irma Howard Patrick and Heather Rankin
Dana Porter and Everett B. Carson Scott and Valerie Howard Anne Rankin
Ann Carter William and Sally Howell Richard and Shirley Reese
Kristin Frazier and Catherine Carty-Wilbur Thomas Hughes Colleen Reid
Dr. John & Lisa Caruso Wayne & Nancy Hurst Earl Redman  
Frederic and Carolyn Case Wayne and Nancy Hurst Joan Reynolds
Katherine Chatterjee Dr. Hannah Reese and Dr. Paul Hyman Randee Reynolds
Dr. Alroy and Valerie Chow Catherine Iffland Dr. Thomas and Julie Rice
Carolyn and Tom Church Talcott and Lucy Ingraham David Rice
Mary Lou Ciolfi Michael and Hilary Innis Patricia Riley
Patricia Lord Clark Jeffery Jacobs Dr. James and Michelle Rines
Stephen Clark Brian and Marybeth James-O’Connor Emily Rines
Linda Clement Linda Jariz Sharon Ring
Polly Clements Brett Jensen Joseph De Rivera
Sally Clifford Dr. Paul Burns and Dr. Kristin Jhamb Karen Robbins
Mary Berry and David Cluchey Elizabeth Johnson David and Rosemary Roberts
Dr. Chadd and Anna Cockrell Judi Jones Barbara Raimondi and William Robitzek
William Coffey Dorothy and Michael Jones Martin and Patricia Robles
Wesley and Alisa Coffin Donald and Roxanne Jones Dalene Rogers
Nancy Heiser and Jeffrey Cohen Dr. John Van Orden and Jenny Jorgensen Gillian Rogers
Mary Colbath Sandra Morrell Rooney and Charles Rooney, Jr. Dr. Clayton and Julianne Rose
Jane Colby Terri Lorenz and James Gorman, Jr. Howard Rosenfield
John Coldren George Maling, Jr. Michaelanne Rosenzweig
Elizabeth and Peter Cole Ruta Kadonoff Susan Roux
Reed Coles Julia Kahrl Anita Ruff
Doug and Jane Collins Kate Kalajainen Dr. James Ruff
Jane & Thomas Colton Gretchen and Dexter Kamilewicz Sam and Linda Saltonstall
Michael Connelly Judith Kamin kara s salvadore
Jessica Cook Matthew and Jennifer Kanwit Martin and Lois Samelson
William and Jill Cooney Dr. John and Evelyn Kanwit George Metes and Jean Sanborn
John Coray Sandy Kauffman Sarah Mahoney and Dennis Sayce
Dr. Richard and Claire Corbin Kristen and Gregory Kellner Pembroke and Ruth Schaeffer
Denis and Chooi-Siew Corish John and Sally Kelsey Christine Schelble
Dr. Martha Corkery Cyrus and Gail Kendrick Edward and Elisabeth Schmidt
William and Dorothy Corkhill Robin Kenison Ellen Schneiter
Steven and Deborah Cornish Sue Kennedy Christina Schoenberg
Paul and Christine Corriveau David Hunt and Kathleen Kenny Norman and Doris Schroeder
John P Cotton Rob and Amy Kerr Elizabeth Schuller
Lee & Anne Cotton Margery Kerr Lael and Christopher Schwabe
Laura McCorkle Crawford Richard Kezer Elizabeth Schwarz
Dr. Philip and Jane Crichton Edith and David Kilgour Sam and Kayda Selby
Linda Cronkhite Richard and Reta King Edward Sewall
Richard and Virginia Culgin Mary Herman and Angus King Neil Shankman
Laurence and Maureen Cullen Robert Kingsbury and Ruth Sanderson Kingsbury Barry and Peggy Shanler
Brenda Cummings Dr. James Kneebone Desha Shean
Valerie Ricker and John Cunningham David and Margo Knight Thomas Sheehan
David Cupp Eric Koehler Kyle Sheehan
Muriel McDonough and William Curran (Katherine) Jane Kresser Mark Nordenson and Moira Simonds
Linda and Norman Curthoys Wendy Krouse-Kazanovicz Tom Skaling
Deborah Curtis Celine Kuhn Lois and Jim Skillings
Martha Cushing Elaine and Ron Kurtz Dr. John Skillings
Rodger and Becky Cuthbert Dr. John and Susan LaCasse Ann Slocum
Dr. William Clark and Cathey Cyrus Dr. Anna Strange and Eli Ladd Dr. James Raker and Virginia Van Slyck
Douglas and Julie Dahmer Peter Ladner Melinda Small
Michael Daly Edward and Eileen Laine Charles and Jill Small
Jerry and Gretchen Davis Mary Alden Laird Robert and Marion Small
James DeMartini   Neil Lamb Victoria Smith
Barbara Clark   Edward and Nancy Langbein Barbara Smith
Michael Barrett   Diana Krauss and Jere LaPointe Dana and Bettina Smith
Ann Barry   Michael and Mary Anne Lawler Dr. Nancy Egan and Otey Smith
Paul D’Alessandro and Judith Montgomery   Dr. Peter LeBourdais Mary Beth Smith
Clif Olds   Mike Sambrook and Donna LeBreux James and Ruth Smith
W.G. Pinfold   Linda and Gary Leclair Frances Soverel
Michael DeLorenzo Dr. Ellen Lee Ann Spencer
Gerald and Denise Deshaies Joe Leghorn Jim Spicer
Gerald Deshaies Karen Leland Robert Spivey
Linda Despres David Lemont William and Patricia Spock
Barbara and Richard Diamond Steven and Stephanie Levy Allen and Anne Springer
Brig. Gen. Francis Dillon and Judith Dillon Susan Fuller and Wayland Linscott Nancy Stambach
Dr. Peter  and Patricia DiPietrantonio Candace Litchfield William and Liz Stamey
Dr. Stephen Verral and Dr. Sue D’Isabel Patricia Livesay Margaret Zverinova and James Steffen
Jim and Persephone Ditzel Johanna Lloyd Dr. Susan Chadima and Michael Steitzer
Win Dodge Dr. Suzanne Carr and Jan Loeb Vijay Samalam and Margaret Stern
Carol Doele Dr. Stephen and Susan Loebs Millie Stewart
Steve and Martha Dome Burke and Judith Long Stephen Wellcome and Sylvia Stocker
Sandra and John Donnelly Macauley and Carol Lord William and Judith Stoy
Daniel and Vivian Dorman Diane Loughlin Jose Mas and Deirdre Strachan
Dale and Nancy Dorr Edward and Barbara Lovely Barry Sturgeon
Sandra Kauffman & Michael Doucette John and Susan Loyd Eric and Wendy Suehrstedt
Jacqueline Drapeau Dr. Jeffrey P. Maher Edward Sugarman
Dennis Duggan Daniel and Hope Mahoney Rev. Justine Sullivan
Dr. Paul Dumdey Michael Bowe   Mary Jane Sullivan
Dr. David and Melanie Dumont Casey Mangum Dr. Kevin Sullivan
Charles and Nelia Dunbar William and Paige Mangum Dr. Robert Swan
Elizabeth Durrell Paul Mann Charles and Linda Swanson
Art and Elizabeth Dyer Abigail Manny Dr. David and Anne Taft
Margaret Ealahan Rob Manter Tom Rumpf and Annee Tara
Elizabeth Eaton David and Theresa Marcello Susan Tarpinian
Pamelia Edgerton Linda Marchant Katherine Theodore
Rev. Carolyn Eklund Judith Chamberlain and Karen Marlin Loann Thomas
Frederick and Susan Elsaesser Enid Sharp and Robert Marshall Susan Thorner
Laura and Ross Emerson Nancy Marston Kenneth & Eve Thorson
Guy Emery William and Jennifer Mason Kris Berglund & Joanna Torow
Charles Erb Kelly and Linda Matzen Jotham and Adelaide Trafton
Erika Bristol, Esq. Henry and Deborah Mauer David and Elisabeth Treadwell
Jeffrey Dolley, Esq. Jeanne d’Arc Mayo Maine Women’s Giving Tree
Carol and Charlie Evans Dr. Zach and Kim Mazone Karen Tripp
Kimberly Fallona Dr. Robert McAfee Joyce McPhetres and Ron Turcotte
Deborah and John Farnham Karen Ludwig and Catherine McConnell Mary Turner
David Fasulo Robert and Barbara McCue William Utley
Kenneth and Carolyn Faulkner Joanne McDermott Dr. Michael Cain and Debra VamVikites
Mike and Betsy Fear Mary Ann McDonald Elena Vandervoort
Caroline and Joseph Feely Paul Standridge and Ann McEwen William and Jennifer Vernick
Michael and Mary Beth Feldman George Isaacson and Margaret McGaughey Douglas Moore and Kathryn Vezina
Alison Fernald Robert and Muriel McGuire Dr. Karen Vitelli
Averil and Rol Fessenden Dr. Peter and Marcelle McGuire Dr. Otto Vnek
Joseph and Georgina Field Dorothy Rosenberg and Robert McIntyre Elizabeth Volckening
Susan Wegner and John Fischer Nancy McIsaacShaw Leslie Vrabel
Ruth Fiske Tom and Ellie McMahon John Dent and Leanne Wagner
John Fitzgerald Jamie Kaplan and Suzanne Meeker Sara Walbridge
Sue Fitzgerald Corwin and Susan Mendenhall Sarah “Sally” Walsh
Kathryn and James Flannery Dr. Alexander Mesrobian Bruce  and Kathleen Ward
Dr. Daniel Meyer and Wendy Flaschner Susan and William Millar William and Frances Weatherbie
Austin Fleming Robert and Christine Millar Susan Weaver
John and Lorna Flynn Allen Miller David and Vicki Webb
Donald and Sharon Foerster Elizabeth Lee and Dr. Elliott Miller Susan Weddle
Patricia and Benson Ford Dr. David Moltz Rev. Rebecca Wegner
Jane Fox John and Nancy Moncure Gordon and Roberta Weil
Ruth Francis Dr. Alain and Kathleen Montegut Virginia Weismantel
Robert and Elisabeth Freson Elisabeth and John Montgomery Alan Weiss
Charles and Carol Frizzle Audrey P Moore Don and Tuckie Westfall
Chuck Frohmiller Douglas and Georgette Morrell Dr. Mark Wheeler
Alfred and Phyllis Fuchs Nancy Morrell Nat and Genie Wheelwright
Harkleroad Fund William Morrell Tom and Esther White
Anne Funderburk Richard & Eleanor Morrell Sally and Donald Whittemore
Dr. Robert Galen Anne Morrison David and Lois Widmer
Janet Galle John and Elizabeth Morse Charlie and Mary Jane Wiercinski
Robert and Ann Galloupe Dr. Daniel Morgenstern and Moriah Moser Rick and Laurye Wilcox
David and Nancy Gardner Andrew Masland and David Mosley Susan and Mark Wild
Nancy and Larry Garside MaryLou Moulton Joy and Scott Wiley
Walter Gebert Diane Moyer Martin and Janet Wilk
Carolyn Gibson Elizabeth Muench Nancy Wilkes
Lena Gibson Dr. Sujata and Sambhu Mukhopadhyay Hans and Hendrika Van Willigen
Michele Gilliam Dr. Jay Mullen Margaret Wilson
George and Martha Gilmore John and Faith Mulrooney Dr. Lloyd Van Lunen and Margaret Wilson
Eskedar Girmash Jane Murphy Brenda Wingate
Kathleen and David Glenn-Lewin Donald and Judith Murphy Frank and Meredith Wnek
William Glidden William Nadeau Fred Woodbury
Dr. Floyd Goffin Dr. Richard and Sandra Neiman Ruth Klein 
Joan Gogerty Rita Nelson Dr. Randy Howell and Dr. Margaret Duhamel 
Joy Gould Ann and Jeff Nelson Dr. Kenneth and Rosemary Murphy 
Rev. Stephen and Lennie Gray Richard Ness Leslie Yetter
Judith Gray Elizabeth Newman Gwen and Francis Zaborowski
McGregor and Barbara Gray Lorrel Nichols Brenton Zachau
Terry and Sally Gray James Ecker and Jane Nichols-Ecker

Memorial Donations

Dr. Alfred Obery Richard Burns
Larry and Julie Hendrickson Thomas Sheehan
Linda and Gary Leclair Kyle Sheehan
Linda Depres
Drs. Paul and Barbara Beegel Kurt Gress
Susan Beegel Barbara and Marge Healing
Bernie Hershberger
Esther Hopkins Dana and Bettina Smith
Emily Rines
Richard Leach
Fred Alsaesser David Fasulo
Elizabeth Schwartz
Robert Kauffman
Janet Aliapoulios Belin Memorial UMC
Paul Aliapoulios Sandy Kauffman
Kyle Sheehan
James Fife
J. Howard Sprague Dr. John Skillings
Lauren Rice Allan Corderman
Kimberly Fallona Susan Weddle
Michele Gilliam
Sam Hutchinson Bonne Moore
Desha Shean  
Ellen Schneiter DeWitt John
Robert Swan
Virginia Weismantel Other
Margaret Wilson Susan and Franklin Burroughs
Macauley and Carol Lord
Michael Barrett Sam and Kayda Selby
Willow Grove Homeowners Assoc., Inc


All Saints Parish
Brunswick Friends Meeting
Day’s Ferry Congregational Church
Elijah Kellogg Church
First Parish Church
Good Shepherd Lutheran Church
Islands Community Church
Living Hope Presbyterian Church (OPC)
South Freeport Congregational Church
St. Paul’s Episcopal Church
Unitarian Universalist Church of Brunswick



City of Bath






Alfred M. Senter Fund
Brooks Family Foundation
CVS Health Foundation
Davenport Trust Fund
Davis Family Foundation
Doree Taylor Foundation
Eaton Peabody Foundation
John T Gorman Foundation
Maine Community Foundation
Maine Health Access Foundation
Maine Women’s Giving Tree
Messier-Costain Foundation
Midcoast Charitable Foundation of Maine
Moser Family Foundation
Northeast Delta Dental Foundation
Oral Health Foundation of the Pierre Fauchard Academy
Patterson Foundation
Sam L. Cohen Foundation
Simmons Foundation, Inc.
The Mary Alice Fortin Foundation
The Savage Family Foundation
Theodore H. Johansen Family Foundation Trust
Wind Point Foundation

Other Contributors

B’nai B’rith Food Industry Lodge
Bowdoin College
Maine Laureate Omicron
United Way of Mid Coast Maine, Inc



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