Meet Rudy, a 62-year-old fisherman who has worked for 27 years in Georgetown’s harbor. Rudy’s days spent on the water and in the sun led to a spot developing on his face that he ignored. Like many fishermen, Rudy didn’t have health insurance. Even as the spot grew, Rudy didn’t seek medical care because he lacked insurance. Then, a friend told him about Oasis Free Clinics.

At Oasis, Rudy met with our team of caring providers who cared for his health needs and connected him with a dermatologist. Rudy was diagnosed with basal cell carcinoma, which, left untreated, could cause permanent damage. With Oasis as part of his support team, Rudy did not have to face his cancer diagnosis and treatment alone.

Now cancer-free, Rudy is back on the water, fishing with the Georgetown fleet. He tells his peers about Oasis whenever possible, knowing many could use our services. He thanks Oasis wholeheartedly, praising the compassion of our staff. Like Rudy, many people still struggle to get the care they need.

Thanks to your support, Oasis Free Clinics is a beacon of hope, providing free care to our neighbors in need, and helping to ensure a healthier future for our community.

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